Catriona’s Curse – Imbolc

I unbuttoned his shirt as he was unbuttoning mine. When the shirts were out of the way, I stroked his chest as we kissed. I turned away and removed the spread from the bed then took his hand and pulled him down on top of me. I had replaced the old ceiling fan with a newer, more modern fixture, but it apparently didn’t help. As I pulled him down, I saw the fan start rotating.

We finished undressing each other between kisses. Our lovemaking that time filled me with a joy I had never experienced. This was who I was destined to love. Maybe it had been decided by some other being than myself; I didn’t care. This was Heaven.


* * *


Afterwards we lay in each other’s arms spent and fully satisfied. I saw that the fan no longer rotated.

I jumped up from the bed, “I’ll be right back, Babe.”

I went into the bathroom and started the water in the Jacuzzi. I poured some bubbling Vanilla-scented oil into it, and lit several candles I had placed on a ledge behind the tub, unscented tapers of white, pink, red, yellow, light green, and brown, the colors of Imbloc alternating with vanilla scented votive candles in holders the colors of the tapers. I went back to Jeff, filled our wine glasses, and said, “Come on, Babe. I didn’t want to try out the Jacuzzi without you. Let’s break it in together.”

He followed me into the bath room. As I got into the tub and motioned for him to follow, I explained that the colors of the candles were the colors associated with Imbloc and that vanilla is one of the scents of Imbloc. He sat with his back leaning against me. The water jets bubbled around us. I stroked down his chest and kissed the back of his neck. He turned and we slipped down into the water. He rose up, turned to face me, and straddled me. As I started to enter him I said, “Hold it, Babe. I don’t have a condom in here.”

He answered, “I don’t care; after all, we’re both negative. “He closed his eyes and lowered himself onto me.

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