Danny – chapter 1 changed

Coop looked at me, “I still don’t like to think about two guys. What do you do? I mean, they taught us in health class what we are supposed to do with girls, but two guys?”

“Well, I’ve never done anything with anyone, but from what I understand, there really isn’t that much difference in what a man and woman do and what two men do. You’ve told me that Shannon goes down on you. Well, guys do the same to each other.”

Coop looked like he might be sick, “I can’t imagine licking or sucking on some guy’s dick or letting him lick me.”

I mirrored the look on his face as I said, “That’s the way I feel about licking a girl’s pussy.”

Coop was quiet for a while. Then he said, “I’ve heard about anal sex. What about that? Would you let a guy stick his dick up your ass?”

“That I don’t know. I’ve seen it on the porn sites. That’s something kind of private.”

“But would you?”

I decided this was no time to mention the toys I had in the drawer on my night stand, “Coop, I’m gay. Yes, I’ll probably engage in anal sex someday. I’m pretty sure I’m what they call a bottom. If you don’t know the term, just think about it. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. If you want to know more, I’ll tell you the sites to look at.”

He almost gagged, “I don’t want to hear about you doing that. It makes me sick to even think about it.”

“Okay. Just remember this conversation the next time you start talking about you and Shannon. Maybe you’ll know how I feel hearing and thinking about that.”

He looked thoughtful, but didn’t reply.

We changed the subject and talked about what classes we were taking and listened to music for about an hour until Jack’s mother called and told him he needed to come home for dinner.

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