E – Elizabeth Tudor

Elizabeth Tudor was born in 1533, the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boylen. When she was two and a half years old, her mother was executed and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate.

After Henry’s death, first Edward then Mary (Elizabeth’s half brother and sister) ascended to the throne. In November 1558, Mary died (possibly from uterine cancer) and Elizabeth ascended to the throne. She was twenty-five years old.

Elizabeth was protestant and was instrumental in establishing the Church of England.

Although there were many prospects, she never married and is known as ‘the Virgin Queen’.

Elizabeth I ruled England for forty-four years until her death in 1603. She was the last of the Tudor monarchs and is considered the greatest female ruler of England.

She is interred at Westminster Abbey where her body shares a tomb with that of her sister, Mary.

Having no offspring, she was succeeded by James I, the son of her cousin, Mary of Scotland.

5 responses to “E – Elizabeth Tudor

  1. And, of course, Shakespeare wrote some plays for her!

  2. lynn w. proctor

    very interesting–i think i used to know some of this 🙂

  3. I love history and the Tudor Age is one of my favourite periods. I love reading books about Elizabeth I, non-fiction or fiction. I visited Westminster Abbey last year and just thought it was amazing that I was standing next to the tomb of such a great British monarch.

  4. Now I want to go watch a movie with Judy Dench as Elizabeth I.

    Nice to meet you and I hope you’re enjoying the Challenge.

    A to Z Challenge Host

  5. I’ve always found this time in history to be fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

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