Six Sentence Sunday – Catriona’s Curse

“Granddad, what have you gotten me into now?” I thought as I drove down the gravel driveway lined with majestic oak and walnut trees toward the one-hundred-fifty-year-old, three-story rock mansion.

My name is Sunshine Nelson, thanks to my hippie parents. Actually my first name is Matthew but, since my dad was Matt, I’ve always been called Sunny. I’m almost thirty-five years old and live in Los Angeles, California. My parents have known for nearly twenty years I’m gay. They aren’t really happy with the fact, but have accepted it.

5 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – Catriona’s Curse

  1. I wasn’t expecting any of that–good job!

  2. Wow – ton of info and description in that paragraph! Great use of the six! Already I feel badly for Sunny! 🙂

  3. Fantastic six! Agreed, lots of info. about Sunny in that six. Great job.

    • Today was my first six. I see you can add things before and after your six sentences. I’ll try that next time. I also need to change my name on the list to my pen name if I can. I still need to get my books on my blog also. The old lady can’t keep up with the modern technology too well.

      • Ursula Grey

        It may seem daunting at first, but if I can do it so can you. You can use your pen name next time…you have to sign up to be listed each week. There’s a nice FAQ w/more info. on their site. So glad you’re joining us ~ if I can help let me know. Seems that as soon as you’re familiar w/one form of social media/techie stuff, something new comes along;-)

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