My bit for anti-discrimination

I make it a practice to try to not patronize discriminatory companies. So, I think I should do what I can to patronize those who do not discriminate.

I’m attending a function in two weeks to which I feel I should wear a dress. Now anyone who knows me, knows I do not own a dress. After seeing the JC Penney add with the two fathers and their children and knowing the backlash Penney received when they hired Ellen, I decided to go to Penney’s .

Now I had a Penney’s charge account years ago, but hadn’t used it for over four years. I went to the Outlet store in Lenexa, KS and discovered the account closed for inactivity. They could not open a new account so I went to Oak Park Mall (another place I hadn’t been for years – it’s difficult to shop in stores with a walker). They opened a new account for me. Since I opened it today, I got 20% off of everything I bought.

I wanted a brown dress to go with a brown hat I already had. Now I have a choice of three brown dresses and two hats to wear to the author extravaganza in two weeks.

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