Monthly Archives: July 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

From my paranormal WIP – as yet untitled

The flickering moonlight trickled down through the trees and formed shadows on the fur of the silver wolf as he nuzzled and licked his black companion’s head and face. Suddenly his head raised his ears alert and listening.

The voice of Marrok Del Sol’s mother sounded inside his head.“Run, Marrok. Do not come home. Hide.”


Need to do some work on The Boss’s Son today so I’ll have a submission for the writers’ group for Monday.


Writers’ group last night had some good suggestions for the shifter story. I’m still working on how it’s going to play out. Will it be a novel or several short stories? How long are the short stories going to be? Right now the two segments I have are each under 2,000 words.

Finally have a title for the other WIP heretofore called Danny. I think it’s going to be The Boss’s Son.



I just sent out 19 copies of Catriona’s Curse to followers of my blog. If you didn’t get an email from Smashwords, it is because I don’t have your email. Please comment on this post and include your email.