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Teaser alert – Shifter Born

cover 3“It was because she sensed the alpha animal in me. I’m a shape shifter. I can change into any animal I choose.”

“Any animal?”

“I much prefer warm-blooded animals. No fish or reptiles.”

“I don’t believe you,” Brian challenged. “Prove it.”

Derrick stood. “What animal would you like to see?”

“Whatever you choose.”

Almost before Brian finished speaking, a black and silver wolf stood in Derrick’s place. He walked over and placed his head on Brian’s leg and licked his thigh. As he licked closer to Brian’s cock, Brian jumped up. “Derrick!”

Derrick shifted back into human form and grinned. “I thought you like for me to lick you there.”

“You! Not a wolf!” Brian stepped backwards and covered himself with his hands.

Derrick’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “It’s still me.”

Am I an Ally?

I’ve read a couple of blog-posts this morning about writers of MM romance who are semi in the closet about their writing. When I first started writing, I didn’t want my kids friends to give them problems about what I write so I used a pen name. However when FaceBook came around, my two identities got mixed together. I no longer try to hide my identity except for the fact I do still use the pen name because I have people who follow that name.

I don’t write as prolifically as most writers. In fact the idea that I may have two or three books come out this year instead of one every two years amazes me. I self-publish. By the time I published my fourth book this spring, I decided to put my real picture on the back.

So, I can’t say I’m in the closet either about my writing or my support of gay rights.

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Shifter Born

So I now have a title. First draft is printed off and in the process of first edit.

I have two possible covers. So far votes are running pretty even for which to use. I have likes and dislikes about both.

cover 3


cover 4