I’ve started doing some reviews for another author’s blog. I’ll post them here also. We authors need all the exposure we can get.


Reviewed by A. T. Weaver.


April Adams is a thirty-something full-time wife and mom, born and raised in Texas. She is an animal lover, a Whovian, an anglophile, and a dreamer. She also works with the children’s ministry at her church.


I purposely did not read the bio of this author before I read the book. I wanted to get a feel for her work before I knew anything about her.


“When the battered woman wakes on the frosted grass, the only thing she remembers is the blood-thirsty cult offering her as a sacrifice in a ceremony gone serendipitously wrong.


She has no name, no past, and seemingly no future as her swollen eyes slide shut for what she hopes is the last time.”


I like to think of a book as a tapestry where the author weaves a story by her words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when an author can make you not only see what her character sees, but also smell and hear through the character’s nose and ears, pictures are not necessary.


“The only thing I could feel was pain fighting a desperate battle with the freezing cold…The smell of my own fear intermingled with that of the rotting leaves I lay shivering beneath in a fetid bouquet.”


Ms. Adams has managed to weave intrigue, fantasy, romance and adventure into a spell-binding tale of good versus evil. At times, I was reminded of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. There are elves, dwarves, evil fairies, sprites and magic all in a quest to overcome the evil that has plagued the world for thousands of years.


Her blending of Pagan rituals and Christian beliefs show that it’s possible for different religions to work together. The four elements of Paganism mixed with a belief in The Creator work in tandem to defeat the War Lord (which I took to be synonymous with Satan.)


In her interview, Ms Adams was concerned about the sex scenes. I found them to be very well-written and innocent – the bedroom door was shut.


I have to say, I think my favorite character is Candlewick the tent who magically provides for the characters’ every wish:


“I wished that Candlewick would provide us a bath in that big copper tub of hers.


She obliged, and warm sudsy water up to our shoulder blades became a romantic place to sip wine and talk.”


Admittedly, it took me a few chapters to really get into the book. But once there, I did not want to stop reading. I’m certainly glad I didn’t. When I came to the end and realized it was the first of a trilogy, I wanted to cry. “What happens next?” I was reminded of the movie serials when I was a child. On Saturday afternoon, we’d see one chapter of a story and have to wait until the next week to continue. I’m ready for the next chapter which thankfully is being released this month.


Shattered – The Legends of Rune is available in both print and Kindle at




April Adams can be found at: April Adams

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