Dead Boys


Review of Dead Boys by Michael Penkas by Julia Flowers writing as A. T. Weaver

I have to admit it’s hard to review under 10,000 words without any spoilers. But, here goes.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book of short stories by Michael Penkas. I certainly didn’t expect to be transported back in the Twilight Zone of the early 1960s. These tales of the supernatural had me on the edge of my seat and left me questioning my sanity and beliefs.

From a mother searching for peace after the death of her son to a man grieving for his dog, the author weaves eerie tales of death and the afterlife.

“They’re not hard to find, if you know where to look. In the back of a pub after happy hour. In a dorm room between semesters. In a dog park after sunset. In a hospice room on Christmas Eve. Dead boys. Michael Penkas brings you four stories about the dead who refuse to leave and the living who refuse to let them go”

Although it fits in the realm of supernatural and eerie, I didn’t see a connection between Wet Dog Perfume and the theme of Dead Boys, unless it is the fact the dog was male.

If you are into the supernatural, you can’t beat this book. It’s a good read for a rainy afternoon or night.

* * *

Michael Penkas moved to Chicago in 2004 and soon after became a member of Twilight Tales, a small press and weekly reading series. His first published story, “Parable of the Lazy Rooster,” appeared in the expanded edition of Tales from the Red Lion in 2007. He currently has over a dozen published stories.

Following the dissolution of Twilight Tales in 2010, he became part of Cult Fiction, a writers workshop and seasonal reading event. His stories were performed at five events before the group was put on hiatus in late 2011.

Currently, Michael Penkas is a regular participant at the Top Shelf Books (Palatine) open mic event, Tamale Hut (North Riverside) reading series, the Bad Grammar (Chicago) reading series, and the Gumbo Fiction Salon (Chicago). He is the website editor for Black Gate.

You can find Michael:

Facebook: Facebook profile

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