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Interview with Ken Clark

Visiting my blog today is Ken Clark, webmaster and cover designer.


Hello, Ken.

I understand you live in New Mexico. Great news about same-sex marriage in that state. I assume you’re excited.

Extremely. I was actually sitting in the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office this Summer when the Court decided to allow same-sex couples to marry in our county. It was a moving experience to a witness to history.

Would you like to tell us a bit about your life? Have you always lived in New Mexico? Do you have a family?

No I moved to New Mexico back in 2006. I lived most of my life in Virginia until I met a wonderful friend through one of my web sites. He (Scott) and I have been roommates and best friends for over ten years now. We’ve lived in 3 different states, 4 different homes in that period. It has been an amazing journey together. I would never trade it for anything. I do have family but they are all back home in Virginia.

I know a couple of the people for whom you do websites. How did you get started as a webmaster?

I designed my first web site back in the early 1990s. I was the President of the Board of Directors for a small museum in Virginia. The museum being small and over shadowed by larger museums in the area needed the additional exposure to remain viable. The site I designed did not only generate an increase in visitation for the museum but was a recognized resource for students all over the country.

Can you share some of your sites with us?

Many of the sites I’ve designed over the years have been replaced and updated since my time. The two that I am most proud of are the official site for author Mark A. Roeder (www.markroeder.com) and the official fan site for actor/producer/activist Chad Allen (www.chadallenonline.com). Both sites have undergone major redesigns over the years as technology has evolved.

I know you do my covers, can you tell us some others you do covers for, and where we can see samples?

In addition to your covers, I’ve also designed most of Mark A. Roeder’s covers and all of the covers for Stephen R. Moore. I also have designed a few covers for a new author who’s working on getting a new series of novels published. You can see many of my cover designs at my personal web site (www.kclark.net)

I also know you write some fan-fiction. Anything you’d like us to look up?

I have really only written one piece of fan-fiction. It was a spoiler-filled story based on Mark A. Roeder’s Gay Youth Chronicles series. It is meant to bring full circle the novel The Soccer Field Is Empty. It’s called The Soccer Field Is Full Again. It is only a couple chapters long but has received a good response from fans of Mark’s series. You can find it online at:


I do have floating around in my brain bits and pieces of some original stories but haven’t had time to pursue them. Funny one of them actually hit me in bed just last night. That one I keep picturing as a stage play so who knows.

If someone wants to hire you for web or cover design, how can they reach you?

I can always be reached at webmaster@markroeder.com! I look forward to hearing from you.