Soul Survivors by A. J. Marcus


Review by A. T. Weaver

Conrad O’Shea thinks he’s experiencing past life regression when he’s thrown into the body of the Mongol warrior living two thousand years ago. While riding with his lover, they battle Turks with disastrous results. Back in his own time, memories of the passion the two warriors shared drive Conrad to try again—and again—to find his soul mate and bring them together in the present.

* * *

I consider I have an open mind when it comes to reincarnation but this story makes me lean toward believing. Conrad makes three trips back in time and every time believes he has met the same soul in a different body. He feels so strongly they were meant to be together he convinces his friend to cast a spell to find that soul in his current lifetime.

It may be a bit erotic for some, but I love the story line.

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