I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted. I MUST start doing this more often. Anyway, here’s a look at the beginning of Travelers:

There’s an old saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Well in this case, all roads lead to Hamish MacKinnion’s farm in Maine.


Coast of Maine – May 28, 1919
Fierce, gale-force winds whipped the trees behind the house. The building shook with the vibrations of thunder. Lightening flashed non-stop across the sky and pounding waves struck the rocks halfway up the cliff below the house. Sara Carter struggled as she opened the door to the walkway around the third story and stepped out. The wind immediately attacked its new target. Her once-golden hair became a halo around her head as it came loose from the pins holding it in place. A flash of lightening illuminated the frail figure on the railing of the walkway around the third-story tower. The woman spread her arms wide and jumped.

2 responses to “Travelers

  1. Good beginning. 🙂 However, I suggest telling this from her point of view. It would make it stronger.

  2. Maybe, but it’s a dream Rory is having.

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