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The Kachina Job by A. J. Marcus


What does one look for in an erotic, gay, paranormal book?
Werecreatures? Check – Mountain lions, jaguars, owls, wolves, and even a rat.
Hot M/M sex? Check – make that M/M/M
Mystery – Check
Magic – Check
Excitement – Check
You’ll find it all in The Kachina Job.
This story will have you on the edge of your chair from the first page when Phillip Two Hands, a weremountain lion steals the Kachina to the last page.
Phillip, Dennis Hernandez, a werejaguar, and Shannon O’Flaherty, a wereowl, form a threesome to find out what or who is killing werewolves.

Along the way, they form a deep, three-way bond that results in some pretty hot sex scenes.
As they battle spirit creatures and an alpha werewolf, their bond continues to grow.
Like I said, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for this one.