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After the game two weeks later, Ken pulled up into Tom’s parking lot and killed the engine of the Jeep. “Did you have a good time tonight?” he asked.
“I did,” Tom answered. “Thanks for introducing me to a great bunch of guys.”
Ken turned, tilted his head to one side, and slightly frowned. I don’t want tonight to end yet. I want to kiss him. But will he let me?
“What’s that look for,” Tom asked. “You look like you’re thinking about something.”
Ken took a deep breath. “I was just wondering what you’d do if I kissed you good night.” His heart beat a little faster in anticipation of Tom’s answer.
“Um-m-m.” Tom ducked his head and knitted his brows together. “I guess there’s only one way to find out.” He raised his head and looked at Ken.
Ken leaned forward and covered Tom’s mouth with his in a soft, gentle kiss. The only parts of their bodies that touched were their mouths. He pulled back a couple of inches.

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A Family for Christmas:

“Skanks?” Tom asked.
“Yeah. The straight girls. For some reason they think a gay bar is the proper place for a ‘bachelorette’ party,” the man answered. “I’m Jack.” He reached a hand in front of Ken.
Tom nodded and shook the hand. “Nice to meet you. Are the two of you a couple?”
“Nope,” Jack answered. “Just good friends.”
Just then, a cute brunette in tight jeans and a crop top walked up to them. “Tom Grady, is that you?” she asked. “I haven’t seen you since graduation. What are you doing in here?”
“Hello, Linda,” Tom answered. “In case you didn’t know, this is a gay bar.”
Her eyes opened wide. “I thought it was a drag bar.”
“And just what do you think a drag bar is, Sweetie?” Jack asked. “Look around. Do you see any straight men in here? No, all these men are gay. They’re here to meet other gay men.”
She glared at Jack, and her jaw dropped as she looked at Tom. “Are you saying you’re gay?”
“I didn’t advertise the fact in high school, but yes.” He gestured toward the girls. “More to the point, what are you doing in here?”
“Oh, we came for the drag show to celebrate Janice Markham’s last night as a single girl.” Linda pointed toward the group of girls. “She and Butch Copeland are getting married tomorrow evening.”
“Now why would you want to celebrate in a gay bar?” Ken asked.
“They say it’s safer,” she said. “None of the men hit on you, and they’re good dancers.”
“I’m sure they don’t want to dance with you,” Tom said.
“Weren’t you invited to the wedding?” Her face reflected surprise. “I know she invited Bethany and your parents. She invited the whole Country Club.” She wrinkled her nose. “Thought she’d get more presents that way.”
“It’s been a few weeks since I talked to Bethany, and even longer since I’ve been in touch with my parents,” Tom said. “Bethany usually calls when something important happens in the family. Apparently, she didn’t think Janice’s marriage is important.”
“I heard you haven’t been home since you left for college. Why not? You obviously still live in town.”
“Because my father can’t accept the fact he has a gay son,” Tom replied. “After all, a preacher can’t acknowledge a son who is an abomination to God.”
“Why don’t you join us?” Linda asked. “You know most of the girls.” She frowned. “In fact, didn’t you date Janice for a while?”
“That’s okay. I’ll just stay here.” Tom turned his back on her and propped his elbows on the bar.
She stood for a minute, and then turned and left.
Tom’s shoulders shook with silent laughter.
Ken asked, “What’s so funny? I can tell you’re holding something in.”
Tom looked up. “I may have dated Janice before I came out, but Butch Copeland was my first blow job.” He paused. “And my second, and my third . . . “
“I get the picture.” Ken chuckled. “But who gave and who received?”
Tom laughed. “It was mutual.”