Coming in November

teaser 1

After the game two weeks later, Ken pulled up into Tom’s parking lot and killed the engine of the Jeep. “Did you have a good time tonight?” he asked.
“I did,” Tom answered. “Thanks for introducing me to a great bunch of guys.”
Ken turned, tilted his head to one side, and slightly frowned. I don’t want tonight to end yet. I want to kiss him. But will he let me?
“What’s that look for,” Tom asked. “You look like you’re thinking about something.”
Ken took a deep breath. “I was just wondering what you’d do if I kissed you good night.” His heart beat a little faster in anticipation of Tom’s answer.
“Um-m-m.” Tom ducked his head and knitted his brows together. “I guess there’s only one way to find out.” He raised his head and looked at Ken.
Ken leaned forward and covered Tom’s mouth with his in a soft, gentle kiss. The only parts of their bodies that touched were their mouths. He pulled back a couple of inches.

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