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A New Alpha in Town


Another action-packed shifter from A.J. Marcus

“The past year has been hard for werewolf Tanner Groff. After his pack was killed by shifter hunters, he’s staying on the move, looking to warn other shifters there’s a band of militaristic hunters looking to kill every shifter they can find. When he catches the scent of a bear shifter named Van, Tanner changes his course and follows in hopes of having a quiet discussion with Van. But before that can happen, the hunters strike sending them on a desperate rescue mission they aren’t sure will succeed. Being in close quarters with passions running high, Tanner and Van find a mutual attraction and hope they can survive long enough to explore it and the new path their lives are takin.”


If you’re looking for erotica with steamy M/M sex on every other page, this book is not for you. If you’re looking for ‘edge of your seat’ action with a little sex thrown in, I urge you to read it.

Werewolf Tanner Groff is headed for Las Vegas when he meets up with bear shifter Van and hummingbird shifter Parker. When the hunters who are out to kill all shifters attack, they make off with Parker and Tanner and Van follow in the middle of an early Colorado snowstorm.

Tanner is injured and Van hurries to get him to Hardwood Valley in time.

Tanner finds, not only a new home, but the man  who he’s fated to be with.


A J Marcus

A.J. Marcus

A.J. has been writing to pass the time since high school. The stories he wrote helped him deal with life. A few years ago, he started sharing those stories with friends who enjoyed them and he has started sending his works out into the world to share with other people. He lives in the mountains with his extremely supportive husband. They have a lot of critters, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and rabbits. When not writing, A.J. spends a lot of time hiking, trail riding, or just driving in the mountains. Nature provides a lot of inspiration for his work and keeps him writing. He is also an avid photographer and falconer. Don’t get him started talking about his birds, because he won’t stop for a while.

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