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The Sweetest Nectar by A. J. Marcus


The second of the Hardwood Shifter series continues the excitement of the first with the exploits of Parker, the hummingbird shifter.

Parker’s best friend, Van the bear shifter, has found his mate in Tanner the werewolf, and he’s lonely.

Tanner and Van leave the valley to search out other shifters and warn them about the hunters who are out to kill every shifter they find. While they’re gone, a call comes in about an unknown shifter who thinks he’s being stalked. Even though everyone thinks Parker is too small and fragile to help, he takes on the task of finding and identifying the shifter. What he finds is a candy maker who happens to be a sugar-glider shifter who’s nearly as small as he is.

These two tiny creatures take on the bad guys and prove that size can’t beat brains and cunning.

With Parker’s need for sugar, and Roger’s candy-making skills, it’s a perfect match.