Why, why, why, do people think that just because a book is about a gay couple there HAS to be sex in it. A lot of authors of GLBT are getting tired of writing nothing but sex.

“This is well-written, book 4 about a couple who’ve just gotten married, but really, you wouldn’t have said they were newlyweds. There weren’t any sex scenes in this, and only a kiss or two. The entire tale seemed to focus on wildlife and on people who were killing/trapping/maiming animals and raising them so that people could come and track and shoot them.

Not a nice tale, but like I said, it’s well-written. Not a romance – not sure how to classify this.”

This is a mystery book. I know of at least three authors who have written mystery series involving straight couples that have NO sex whatsoever in them. One series is up to twenty books now. The couple met in the first book, dated, lived together, got married, and now have kids – BUT THERE IS NO SEX – and no one thinks anything is wrong. Why should GLBT mysteries be any different?

It’s kind of like when I was advocating for same-sex marriage. People would say, “I don’t care what they do in the bedroom.” I know a lot of gay and lesbian couples and I have no idea what they do in the bedroom. What I care about is how they behave in public (and I don’t mind if they hold hands or kiss). Life is more than sex.

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  1. What have you got it down as in the genre(s)? Personally I wouldn’t pick up a GLBT book, but I don’t care what the characters in a mystery are as long as they are well written. So for me, yes I guess Romance is ‘straight’ (and not too kinky) and GLBT is GLBT romance. And I might read either of those, but not if they really mean ‘steamy romance one step short of erotica’. (and I have had enough of Sarah Waters’ extremely well written gothic suspense/mysteries due to the steamy GLBT in them). 🙂

  2. It seems that in the last few years, romance has become synonymous with erotica (if not downright porn).

  3. I listened to an audiobook which was more sex than anything else, and it spoiled the story. I think a good book is just that a good book, the characters will let you know if they want sex, whether you write it in detail is a different matter.

  4. I understand that completely. And it’s something gay authors struggle within this genre. There was an argument on a page of another author talking about Anne Rice’s Vampires Louis and Lestat. And Anne Rice said they were a gay couple raising a kind.
    And one commenter said they couldn’t be gay because they couldn’t have sex.
    And as a gay man, I was like….what? If I couldn’t r have sex with my husband doesn’t mean I suddenly stop being gay. That makes no sense and that idea is WITHIN the our community.

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