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The Fool – A. J. Marcus


When the past comes back to haunt them, can these two men rekindle the flame they thought they’d lost and the magic that comes with that love?

When Arron Carmichael and Ramsey Roland broke up it devastated both of them, but Ramsey couldn’t handle Arron’s family secret. When the family business brings them together, they discover Ramsey has a secret larger than any Arron thought possible.

Arron is part of the Gardener family, a group of witches who have protected the world from daemons for thousands of years. Ramsey couldn’t deal with the magic that was an intricate part of Arron’s life, so he told Arron they were finished, and he needed to leave. His decision left two hearts broken.

When Ramsey is mugged while going to a bar to hang out with friends, it opens him up to the world Arron had hinted at, but it also brings Arron back into his life. Arron does his best to save Ramsey from the dark forces that are hunting them both. When they learn the reason Ramsey is being hunted, it shocks them both to their cores but brings them closer together. Only together can they hope to defeat the forces working against them.


As a reviewer, sometimes you’re asked to review something in a genre other than what you normally would read. Such it is with A.J. Marcus’ “The Fool”. I personally don’t care for what I call ‘blood and gore’, and this book has some.

I am giving it 5 stars because:

The story line is good. The writing is good. And I can recommend this for people who are into this type of story. A story of a fight between daemons and witches.

The relationship between Ramsey and Aaron is sweet and at the same time erotic as to be expected from Marcus.


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Familiar Spirit – A. M. Burns


Familiar Spirit – A. M. Burns

Halloween is fast approaching in Steamboat springs Colorado. Lugh McNeal is adjusting to a life away from the beaches of Florida. It’s not an easy time, but his new family and boyfriend make things easier. When a spirit mistakes him for his father, Lugh scrambles to understand how the spirit found him, and what she means to him and his new life.
With his boyfriend Wyn, his familiar Bran, and his cousin Abby at his side, Lugh does his best at surviving the dark magic that is welling up against them. The balance of power between the light and the dark is tipping toward the dark, can Lugh and his friends prove strong enough to overcome the darkness before it swallows them whole?


In the first book of this series, “Familiar Path”, we met young Lugh McNeal. When Lugh turned fifteen, he learned he was a Magus, or magic user. Now it is a few months later. Lugh’s powers have grown, along with his relationship with new-found relatives and a new boyfriend.

While Lugh and Wyn are on a camping trip, they meet the spirit of a teenaged girl who knew Lugh’s father.

With the help of other Magi, they work to set Espe’s spirit to rest.

Once again, Burns has woven an intriguing mystery about witchcraft and youth.

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Release date: 3/10