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The Adventures of Damien and Drew – Part II

This will be the last chapter for a while. Watch for the continuing adventures later this summer.

Chapter three

Drew followed Damien out of the house. He looked around the small area since he hadn’t gotten a good look around last night because of the dark.

The two-story, A-frame log cabin nestled in the middle of a grove of evergreens. Their branches shadowed the roof letting only a bare sliver of sunlight reach the ground. It would be nearly impossible to see the cabin from above. Only a small foot trail led into the small area around the cabin. There was no way for a vehicle to get close.

The motorcycle stood next to the steps of the porch.

The air was heavy with the scent of pine.

A squirrel chattered from a low-hanging branch.

Damien handed him the helmet along with a small case. “Here, put your cell phone in this. I know it wasn’t damaged last night, but let’s not take any chances. This will protect it from my magic.” He mounted the bike.

Drew donned the helmet, climbed on behind him, and placed his arms around Damien’s waist. “Are you sure I won’t fall off?”

“See the strap around my chest? Just hold on to that and don’t worry. You’re safe.”

Damien’s muscles hardened, wings spread out from his body, and Drew found himself again lying on the back of a dragon.

He held on to the strap, tightened his legs, and raised his head. The ground seemed to fall away below them, and the cabin disappeared, completely hidden by the trees. The wind threatened to pull him off, and he grabbed the strap tighter.

Are you okay?

“I think so.”

Don’t try to talk; I won’t hear you. Just think what you want to say.

Are you sure I’m not going to fall?

Like I said last night, I’ll drop the bike before I let you fall.

Drew snickered. I can just see someone walking along and a motorcycle falls out of the sky.

* * *

Damien landed the motorcycle in an ally a few blocks from the restaurant. “Where do you want to go?”

“I need to get my car from the restaurant parking lot and then go home.”

As Drew dismounted from the bike, Damien asked, “Do you want me to come with you?”

Drew inhaled deeply. “I’d probably better do this myself. Mom isn’t going to be happy. When will I see you again?”

“I’ll pick you up after work. Are you going to give your boss notice?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if he’ll want me to work a few days until he can replace me. Probably he’ll just give some of the other waiters my hours.”

“Okay.” Damien leaned in and kissed him. “See you later.”

Drew drove home.

As he pulled into the driveway, his mother came running out. “Are you okay?”

“Mom, I told you I’m fine. I’m not a baby anymore.”

She grabbed him in a tight hold. “I don’t care how old you are, I still worry.”

Drew kissed her cheek. “I’m okay.”

As they walked toward the house, his mother asked, “What happened last night. I know you said that man is a government agent of some kind. But what do you know about him? You just took off with a stranger? Did he threaten you or something?”

“No, Mom. He didn’t threaten me.” Drew opened the door and stood back for his mother to enter. “There was something about him that attracted me.”

“I know you’re an adult gay male, and I’ve heard stories. Did you sleep with him?”

“Mom, I don’t want to discuss my sex life with my mother.” Drew walked into the kitchen, pulled a can of soda from the fridge, popped the top, and took a long drink.

“I’m sorry. I just want to be sure you’re safe.”

“Don’t worry about me. I need to get ready for work.”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“Yes, Mother. In fact, I’m going back to his place tonight after work. Whether I come back tomorrow depends on what Mr. Snider says when I give my notice.”

“Where does this man live? Can I visit you there?”

“We’ll have to talk about that later. I’m not really sure how to get there. Like I said, he’s with a government agency. There’s a lot of secrecy involved. I had to be blindfolded to go there.” He figured that was better than telling her he flew there on the back of a dragon. “You’ll just have to trust me on this.” He turned and walked toward the stairs to his apartment.

“Will you stay in touch?”

“I’ll have my phone with me.”

“Call me.”

“We’ll talk every day, I promise.”

* * *

Drew walked into the restaurant and was met by Larry.

“That was some excitement last night. Where did you disappear to?”

“I went home with Damien.” Drew looked at the seating chart on the host desk and located his section for the night.

“Is that his name? According to gossip, he’s some kind of government agent.”

“Yes, he’s kind of like an FBI agent. Is Snider in his office?”

“Yeah, I think so. Why?”

“I’m turning in my notice. This may be my last night.”

* * *

Drew walked out the back door of the restaurant and found Damien waiting. He climbed on behind him on the bike and they roared out of the parking lot.


I have to apologize

I’m sorry there is no new chapter of Damien and Drew. I have been too sick to write.

Here’s a funny little true story from my childhood.

Grandma and the Snakes

Now, I am not afraid of snakes as long as I know they are not poisonous, but my Grandma Bennett was terrified of even a garter snake.

One fall when I was in junior high school, three of my classmates and I decided we wanted to ‘camp out’ at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. Grandpa agreed we could camp down in the woods past the pond. Then Grandma got in on things. “Now you girls can’t sleep on the ground. A snake will come and crawl in bed with you.” So she told Grandpa to take the hay wagon down for us to sleep on. “But, don’t park it under a tree. A snake will climb the tree and jump down on them.” So Grandpa took the hay wagon down and parked it out in the open field for us to sleep on. I don’t think he realized he parked it in a pile of dry leaves.

Anyone who knows anything about teenaged girls knows a sleep over is never about sleeping. We were having a good time when, about 2 in the morning, one of the tires on the hay wagon sprung a leak. The air leaking from the tire caused the dry leave to rattle. If you can imagine four teenaged girls screaming at the top of their lungs because we were sure we were parked right in a nest of rattle snakes.

I’m surprised Grandpa and the closest neighbor (1/4 mile away) didn’t come out with shotguns thinking we were all being murdered.