Monthly Archives: February 2020

Another update

Trying to get everything current. Had to update the ‘About Me’ page. We lost Cleopatra in October of 2018. She was 16 1/2 years old and apparently developed kidney failure. Kiyah is much happier being and ‘only child’, but is till a handful.


I think I finally have all of the books updated. Not sure if this will post to Facebook. It says it will, but we’ll see.

News: Working on book #4 of Shifter Force

Co-author A.M. Burns has the first book of a new series out. As usual, I did a beta read on this. It’s a new genre for the author, but his usual attention-holding ability had me not wanting to put it down.

The strange is normal in Cottonwood Colorado. Sometimes the unusual becomes deadly. When it does, special people have to step up and stand between their loved ones and the danger.

All Cin has is a flashlight, a screwdriver and a handyman, will that be enough?

The Stone place was just another house to redo for Cin and Chad Kilkari. Skeletons in the backyard were an unexpected complication. Magic and house flipping collide as the Kilkaris struggle to keep their budget from getting out of control while containing an evil that threatens them and the small town of Cottonwood, Colorado. Will Cin’s own magic be enough to keep them all from becoming the next skeletons in the backyard?



For some reason it isn’t posted to FB.

I’m still here

It’s been over a year since I updated this blog. I have decided to attempt to start a newsletter and use this site.

First order of business – update.

Oops! Before I updated, I signed up with Mailchimp. Now figure out how to do this.