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I’m about halfway through the last read through of Shifter Born.

This morning a new character woke me up and said he wanted me to tell his Christmas story. This in response to a submissions call from Love Lane Books.

Working on it.

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SHIFTER_smallMarrok del Sol is a natural-born immortal shape shifter who can assume the form of any animal he chooses.

wolf head.He escapes death when his family is betrayed and sent to the guillotine during the French Revolution. After taking revenge on the traitor, he leaves France for America. over two-hundred years, he travels westward with the ever-expanding civilization always searching for his “happily ever after.” During this time, he fights in the War of 1812, travels to Oregon on the Great Wagon Train of 1843 and finds gold in Canyon City, Oregon.

Good Sunday morning

I used to do a post on Six Sentence Sunday, but haven’t for a while. Well, here’s six sentences from Shifter Born:

Marrok flew north toward Amiens. As dawn broke, a dozen hawks flew back toward Paris. One by one, they landed in an alley, shifted into rats and blended into the shadows. They found a sewer leading into the prison, but before they got inside, the cart carrying the del Sol family exited the building into the walled courtyard. The rats watched as one by one, the family members were led to the guillotine.

Tears filled Marrok’s eyes as he watched the blade descended on the neck of his beautiful mother.

Shifter progress

Got cover made. Got edits back from Andy.

I’ve gone through 5 chapters today. Hope to finish by the weekend. Still hoping for a mid-July publish date.


Teaser alert – Shifter Born

cover 3“It was because she sensed the alpha animal in me. I’m a shape shifter. I can change into any animal I choose.”

“Any animal?”

“I much prefer warm-blooded animals. No fish or reptiles.”

“I don’t believe you,” Brian challenged. “Prove it.”

Derrick stood. “What animal would you like to see?”

“Whatever you choose.”

Almost before Brian finished speaking, a black and silver wolf stood in Derrick’s place. He walked over and placed his head on Brian’s leg and licked his thigh. As he licked closer to Brian’s cock, Brian jumped up. “Derrick!”

Derrick shifted back into human form and grinned. “I thought you like for me to lick you there.”

“You! Not a wolf!” Brian stepped backwards and covered himself with his hands.

Derrick’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “It’s still me.”

Shifter Born

So I now have a title. First draft is printed off and in the process of first edit.

I have two possible covers. So far votes are running pretty even for which to use. I have likes and dislikes about both.

cover 3


cover 4


It’s been a while since I posted a teaser from the shifter story (still no title).

Marrok and Billy rode into town for supplies. Several weeks had passed since they were last in town. They stabled the two riding horses and the pack horse, checked into the hotel and then walked over to the saloon.

Smoke hung heavily in the room. The smell of beer, whiskey and fear permeated the air. Over it all, Marrok’s keen sense of smell picked up a scent he hadn’t smelled since Paris eighty years ago.

A townsman stood at the front of the room and spoke to the assembled group. “The full moon is tonight. We have to be alert. We don’t want to lose any more women.”

Marrok looked around. There by the fireplace was the source of the scent. DuPre!

The speaker continued, “The last five months a woman has been killed the night of the full moon. We have to find this creature.”

Murmurs erupted from the crowd. One man spoke up. “We don’t even know what we’re hunting. Is it a wolf? Is it a catamount? Is it a bear?”

“Well,” said a third man, “the tracks look like a wolf, but bigger than any wolf I’ve ever seen. There are also a man’s tracks around the area and man’s clothing. When we try to track the animal, the tracks disappear and the man’s take over.”

A man known to Marrok as Jim said, “I’m not saying I believe in such things, but my grandmother used to tell tales of a creature in the old country that was a man most of the time, but turned into a wolf at the time of the full moon.”

Several people nodded and muttered murmurs of agreement.

The man by the fireplace turned and saw Marrok. He smirked and nodded.

Marrok knew by his smirk DuPre was the killer.