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Happy New Year

Let’s see if I can post at least once a week this year. Not sure what I’ll write about.

I just updated pages for all of the new books. But I’ve forgotten how to add a link to the ‘Books’ page that will take you to the page for that book when you click on the cover. You can get there by clicking on the image on the main page.

What am I working on? Funny you should ask.

Cousins Four is at the beta reader’s

Two Nano projects will be updated and finished this year I hope. One will be a co-author effort and the other is a story about witches and their fight to preserve an area known as The Witches Woods against a developer who wants to build a resort.


Hello again,

I really do need to start updating my blog more often to update what I’m working on. Tomorrow will be release day for Josh’s Christmas Angel. A short story I wrote a couple of years ago for an anthology.

New releases:

A Family for Christmas – Is Ken too old for Tom? Is Tom too young for Ken? Or can they find love despite the difference in their ages?

Old Spark – a short story about how a teenage crush can blossom into a new romance.

Old Spark FC

Also released the second edition of Shifter Born by CoolDudes




Blog Blitz

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Good news

Got a couple of good notes on Facebook:

I started reading Travelers, and of course, couldn’t stop until I finished it. I had to know what was going to happen next. Love how you tied together a reason for their time travel. This was a very interesting and fantastic story. It makes one think about if we could time travel, would we try to change things. I definitely think you should do more time travel stories. Thank you so much for allowing me to read it.

Thank you for the copy of your short Christmas story, Old Spark/New Flame. I really enjoyed it. I love a good story about people falling in love and having a happy ending together. I am looking forward to reading Travelers. Thanks again.


I’m still here

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since I posted anything. I need to get more active on here.

An update:

Shifter Born has been picked up by a publisher and is at the editor.

Travelers has been at the proof reader since April.

Cousins is still in progress.

New Christmas story in the works – Old Spark/New Flame.

Negotiating with an Italian publisher to translate and publish Shifter Born.

LGBTQ Push Back

Many of you read about the pizza restaurant in Indiana that raised nearly $1 million because of bigotry. Well, LGBTQ authors are ‘pushing back’.
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Travelers blurb

Rory McGregor is being haunted by dreams of a house and the people who occupy it. At times, he feels he is the person in the dream. He wonders what is causing the dreams.
An invitation to a ninetieth birthday party for James McDonald, a distant relative, contains a strange message. James insists that he traveled from 1941 to 1892. While he was there, he met Rory who told him they would meet this year at his birthday party.
James provides Rory with a journal that tells an unbelievable story of time travel. He asks Rory to go back to before World War I and bring his son forward to the present so he won’t die in the war.
With his sister, Erin, Rory embarks on improbable journey into the past.



2nd draft


Every story should answer six questions. Who? What? When? Where? How? And Why? Travelers answers some of those and others are up to the reader’s imagination.
Who – thirteen people.
What – travel back in time.
When – depends on which side of the gateway you’re looking at. On one side, from 1755-1914. On the other side, from 1777-2034.
Where – From several different places in the world to MacKinnon’s Farmstead on the east coast of Maine.
How – Does anyone really know how time portals work?
Why – ?????

There’s an old saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Well in this case, all roads lead to Hamish MacKinnion’s farm in Maine.


MacKinnon Farmstead – May 28, 1919
Fierce, gale-force winds whipped the trees behind the house. The building shook with thunder induced vibrations. Lightning bolts flashed non-stop across the sky and pounding waves struck the rocks halfway up the cliff below the house.
Sara Carter stood by the mantel and looked at the photograph of Charles in his uniform taken just before he left for France. He looks so much like James. She picked up a letter from under the frame and read:
“We are sorry to inform you PFC Charles Carter was killed at the Battle of Cantigny, May 28, 1918. He was buried there with honors.”
Tears blurred her vision. Why. Why do men have to go to war? There have been so many wars in the history of this place. Culloden. The Revolutionary War. The War of 1812. The Civil War. When will it end? She turned, wrapped her arms around herself and walked to the window. James said I’d be the last of the family to own the MacKinnon Farmstead. He was right. I am the last.
She walked around the room touching little mementos. She stroked the back of a rocking chair. Great-great-grandda Hamish made this for Grandmother, Elspeth. So many babies have been rocked in it. Will there ever be any more, or will Charles be the last? She touched a photo of her parents on the mantel. Mam, Da, forgive me. I just can’t go on.
Sara climbed the stairs to the third floor. The lantern in the window reflected out into the storm. She opened the door and stepped out onto the railed walkway that encircled the third story. The wind immediately attacked its new target. Her light-colored hair became a swirling nebulous around her head as it came loose from the pins holding it in place. A flash of lightening illuminated her frail figure as she climbed onto the railing. She spread her arms wide and jumped.


New group

I joined a new group and just posted a snippet from Catriona’s Curse on a blog called Exquistiequills for Wash Line Monday.

Come see my snippet on Exquisite Quills’ Wash Line Monday!