Q-Queen by Right of Arms

Madainn mhath, mo cairdean. Alisaundre an seo a rithis. Ciamar a tha thu an diugh?

What? Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you don’t speak Gaelic. Good morning, my friends. Alisaundre here again. How are you today?

I’m here to tell you another story about the Current Middle Ages. About a Queen by Right of Arms.

I’m not sure about other kingdoms, but in Calontir, we choose a new ruler every six months. The method of choosing is by holding a tournament. This is a double-elimination tournament tree, similar to a basketball or volley ball tournament tree. When the tree gets to the final two combatants, it is the best of three who takes the crown.

Now, I’ve told you before, that in the Current Middle Ages, women fight along men. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a woman to sign up for Crown Tourney and many have. Although, it is usual for a man to win Crown Tourney and rule as king with his lady as consort, there have been several women who won Crown Tourney in a Principality and were therefore Princess by Right of Arms. In all the years of the SCA, (46 to be exact) only one woman has been crowned Queen by Right of Arms. This is how it was told to me.

In the year of our Lord, 1990 (AS XXV) Crown Tourney for the Kingdom of Ansteorra (which covers the modern states of Oklahoma and most of Texas) was held on November 10.

Now, Duke Hector Philip Martel had reigned twice as king with Duchess Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer as his queen. I do not know if this was the first time Her Grace fought in Crown Tourney or not. As I was not there, I can only repeat what was told me.

The tournament list had come down to the final two fighters, Duke Philip and Duchess Rowan. I do not know which fighter drew the first win. I only know that they were in the third of three fights when Duchess Rowan took Duke Philip to his knees. At this point, he could have conceded the fight. However, he did not want people to say he let her win and made her fight to his ‘death’. On January 26, 1991, (AS XXV) Duchess Rowan was crowned ‘Queen in her own right’ and Duke Philip served as her consort.

Mar sin leat. Feumaidh mi falbh. Bye for now. I must go.

As ever, in service to my King & Queen (Lucian & Conna), the Kingdom of Calontir, and the SCA. Lady Alisaundre Muir.

5 responses to “Q-Queen by Right of Arms

  1. A great tale! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don’t speak Gaelic, but I love the sound of it

    Happy A to Z

    • I don’t speak it either. I know just enough to keep me out of trouble – or maybe get myself into it.
      ma ‘se do thoil e (please)
      tapadh leat (thank you)
      ‘se ur beatha (you’re welcome)
      cait a bheil an taigh beag (where’s the toilet)

  3. Cool! As just searching for precedent of a woman winning a Crown Tourny (for a novel I am about to begin) and found your blog! Excellent!

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