No chapters

I started posting a chapter a week from Cousins four. I didn’t do one last week nor this week. I’m not getting any feedback so why bother?

3 responses to “No chapters

  1. Hey, don’t give up. I maybe wouldn’t post a chapter every week but I have put a free chapter of Freedom up on my Luna Ballantyne blog. No feedback is part of the game that we play, I’m afraid. You’ve got to keep coming up with different ideas with marketing until something hits home. I know you sent me a copy for review a while ago. I have been absolutely swamped though, plus I am editing for clients and writing and marketing my own books. Don’t give up. Just try not to get angry when something isn’t working. It’s a sad fact that only a tiny percentage of indie authors get their breakthrough. Unless you keep going you will never know if you could be the one. I know you will probably bite me for this as well hon but maybe you need to write at least one m/f romance. I made a big leap from my experimental stuff into erotic fiction and while I am not exactly raking it in yet, I am getting a better response…

  2. I’m working on a non-gay, no sex novella right now. It will be under a different pen name.

    Also, when we get to Catherines’ story in the cousins, it’s m/f but not erotic.

    • I think the novella is a good idea. I just think you have to go with one of the mainstream markets if you want to sell a significant amount of books. I am also working harder at building Twitter. Particularly my @LunaBallantyne account. I am finding that a LOT more productive than Facebook.

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