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2 responses to “Blog Blitz

  1. I tracked down your account on the GoodReads site but couldn’t message you there. Do you have that feature turned off?

    I would be interested in reading and reviewing a couple of your books if review copies are available. I generally post reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, and HeartOnFire as well as a few others from time to time. I DO disclose whenever a free copy is given to me for review that I’ve been provided with a copy in exchange for an honest and balanced review.

    If that’s something you’d be interested in contact me on GoodReads or at the e-mail address I’ve provided below.

    Also I saw your post to the Mark Roeder group… I’m also a bit of a Grammar Nazi and have sometimes been a beta-reader (though actually more of a grammarian/editor) for a few books. If I like your work, (and I think I will) I’d be pleased to do that as well for your works in progress.

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